QuickBooks Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to introduce QuickBooks as a powerful tool to manage your business by providing timely financial information on which to base sound decisions.

The focus will be on demonstrating just how easy it is to set up your company records using the QuickBooks template that best matches your industry.  As time permits, we will explore the functionality of the program and see how simple it becomes to maintain compliance with CRA (i.e. HST, payroll and income tax) while capturing financial data from your everyday operations. We will discuss what to consider when choosing the product to best meet your accounting needs and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls encountered in the process.  We will examine some of the finer, more sophisticated features of the software, explore the various reports available at the click of a button and much, much more. There will be ample time provided toward the end of the session for a Q&A, so please, come prepared with your questions!

Facilited by Victoria Shaw, CPA, CMA.  To learn more about Victoria click here.

* Open to Lebanese Chamber of Commerce members and employees at no cost.



Price: Free