Legal Essentials for Business Growth

The Legal Essentials for Business Growth 40-hour workplace education program will help you as a business owner to build a strong legal foundation for your business. The possible topics for the course include the following:

  • Essential Contracts – How contracts are formed and the benefits of written contracts and enforcing contracts
  • Client Contracts – How to create Client Contracts to create clear expectations and how to create a process to get contracts signed
  • Hiring Contracts – Understand the legal differences between hiring employees and contractors
  • Legal Structures – Understand the differences between operating as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation
  • Copyright Essentials – Learn how to protect the content that you create
  • Trademark Essentials – Determine whether you need trademark registration to protect your brand
  • Website Essentials – Learn the 4 legal essentials to have on your business website and draft your own website privacy policy
  • Estate Planning for Business Owners – Determine whether you have the necessary planning in place to protect you and your business in the event of your death or incapacity
  • Online Marketing and Social Media – Learn how to apply Email Marketing Rules, identify risks and benefits of Social Media and Online Content Creation
  • Buying and Selling a Business – Discuss the steps in a Purchase or Sale Transaction including how to prepare a business for sale and due diligence tips for buyers
  • Leasing and Financing Essentials – Understand the key elements of a commercial lease and the differences between debt and issuing shares
  • Commercial Insurance and Legal Risk Management – Discuss of the types and uses of Commercial Insurance in your legal risk management strategy.

Participants will receive access to legal contract templates and checklists as part of the program so that they can clearly customize and implement what they are learning.


Facilitated by Corinne Boudreau.  Learn more about Corinne here.

Begins Tuesday, January 24th, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, 10 consecutive weeks on Tuesday’s.  This will be an online workshop and a login code will be provided once participants are registered.



Price: Free