Saint Mary’s University signs new scholarship agreement with Lebanese Chamber of Commerce

In a ceremony on May 11, 2016, Saint Mary’s President Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray and two representatives of the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce in Nova Scotia– Norman Nahas and Joe Metlege – signed a scholarship agreement that formalizes an existing partnership between Saint Mary’s University and the Lebanese Chamber and increases support to the Lebanese Chamber Scholarship Opportunities Program.

“The Lebanese Chamber has had an ongoing relationship with Saint Mary’s,” said Chamber Vice-President Joe Metlege as he signed the agreement. “Today is a landmark in solidifying our connection and ensuring that we continue to work together to attract and retain talented young people.”

High School Scholarship Application
High School Scholarship Application

University Scholarship Application
University Scholarship Application

Beginning in the 2016-17 academic year, up to four $5,000 Lebanese Chamber Scholarships will be awarded to students of Lebanese descent who are enrolled full-time at Saint Mary’s. The total value of these awards is $20,000, with half of each scholarship funded by the Chamber and matching funds from the University. Designed to recognize scholastic achievement and community involvement, these scholarships are not renewable, although students may receive them more than once. The Lebanese Chamber will continue to select successful applicants.

“Awarding these scholarships is a difficult task,” commented Norman Nahas, President of the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce in Nova Scotia. “All of the applicants in the past have excelled academically and made incredibly valuable contributions to their communities.”

Like Joe Metlege, Norman Nahas is excited at the prospect of building on an existing relationship with Saint Mary’s and supporting promising students at a critical stage in their academic careers.

“Working together, we stand to make a significant difference in the lives of youth in our region,” said Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray. “This agreement reflects the tremendous generosity of the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, the strength of the Chamber’s existing relationship with Saint Mary’s, and our shared commitment to academic excellence.”

For Monica Ramia, who received a 2014 scholarship from the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Saint Mary’s University, formalizing the agreement ensures that other students of Lebanese descent have the opportunities that she did.

“Because of the matching funds from Saint Mary’s, my scholarship covered half the tuition costs for my first year,” says Monica, who has just completed her second year in the Sobey School of Business. “I never expected to receive such a generous gift, but it was very much appreciated. It’s so nice to know that others will continue to benefit from this partnership between Saint Mary’s and the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce.”

In addition to Monica, five other students have benefitted from scholarships provided by the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Saint Mary’s: Nicole Arab, Anna Daniel, Laura Melanek, Stephany Mrad, and Vanessa Noujaim. The University looks forward to an agreement that formalizes and expands support for such exemplary students.