Education is the foundation of our future

In our effort to continually support and encourage the youth of our community, the Lebanese Chamber will award 4 scholarships valued at $2,500 each. Today’s students are tomorrow’s business leaders.

Scholarships will be awarded to eligible high school graduates & current university or college students studying within Nova Scotia and of Lebanese descent.

Applicants will be measured on academic grade and achievements, Lebanese community involvement and volunteering efforts in their broader community.

We have partnered with Saint Mary’s University who will give an additional $2,500 to scholarship recipients who are current or accepted students at Saint Mary’s University.

The 2023 Scholarship Program is now closed.  Applications will reopen in May 2024.

Please EMAIL us with any questions. We encourage all qualifying students to apply online.

Note: To access the application forms you must view this page on a desktop.

High School Scholarship Application

University Scholarship Application

Past Recipients

2023:  Rita Andraous (SMU), Loulou El-Chater (SMU), Nicholas Habib (SMU), Anthony Metlej (Dalhousie).

2022:  Loulou El-Chater (SMU), Dominique Jarmash (Dalhousie), Antonia Nour Kandalaft (Dalhousie), Tea Metlej (Dalhousie).

2021:  Ibrahim Haddad (SMU), Jaden Lawen (Dalhousie), Elias Mourad (SMU), Sarah Tawil (Dalhousie).

2020:  Lucas Arab (Dalhousie), Rackelle Awad (Dalhousie), Nadine Ayoub (SMU), Cyril O’Brien (Dalhousie).

2019:  Austin Arab (Dalhousie), Nadine Ayoub (SMU), Nicole Fakhory (Dalhousie), Dimitra Tsimiklis (King’s College).

2018:  Nicole Fakhory (Dalhousie), Rachelle Lawen (Dalhousie), Hannah Tibbet (SMU), Danielle Mourad (Dalhousie).

2017: John Arab (Dalhousie Engineering), Elsy Makhlouf (MSVU), Madeline Anjoul (SMU), Joelle Zhouri (SMU).

2016: Madeline Anjoul (SMU), Coline Jabbour (MSVU), Elsy Makhlouf (MSVU), Jessica Ramia (Dalhousie), Milad Saikali (SMU).

2015: Vanessa Noujaim (SMU), Celine Jabbour (MSVU), Anna Daniel (SMU) and Anthony Saikali (Dalhousie).

2014: Eliane Francis (Dalhousie), Monica Ramia (SMU), Nicole Arab (SMU), Maria Saikali (Dalhousie) and Laura Melanek (SMU).

2013: Nicholas Amyoony (Dalhousie), Nicole Arab (SMU), Soliel Chahine (Acadia) and Stephanie Mrad (SMU).

The LCC Scholarship Program is open to all students who are of Lebanese descent.
Applicants must be graduating from High School this year or currently enrolled in a Nova Scotian University or College.
An applicant can be rewarded this scholarship a maximum of two times.