Education is a wise investment

This bursary was established by the Lebanese Chamber as part of our commitment to making a difference in our community through sponsorships with strategic focus on youth and education.

The Lebanese Chamber of Commerce will award one bursary anonymously per year, valued at $2,500. Education is a wise investment and we recognize the cost is difficult for many students and their families. We believe no one should be denied an education because of their financial need.

This bursary is open to any student attending a post-secondary school in Nova Scotia of Lebanese descent. This bursary will be awarded to a student demonstrating financial need and also leadership achievements in the community and high school as reflected by their extracurricular activities.

We have partnered with St. Mary’s University & Dalhousie University, who will give an additional $2,500 to the bursary recipient that is a current or accepted student of St. Mary’s University  or Dalhousie University.

We are currently accepting applicants, they must be received by July 31st. Please email us with any questions. Two letters of reference are required.

Note: To access the application forms you must view this page on a desktop.


Note: The LCC Bursary Program is open to students who are residents of Nova Scotia and of Lebanese descent. Applicants must be graduating from High School this year or currently enrolled in a Nova Scotian University or College.