Member Spotlight: Jacob JeBailey

Imagination and forward thinking personifies this individual. As one speaks to him he simply has a unique answer for everything. His unconventional and contemporary architectural and graphic style has framed the foundation for many of WM Fares’ distinctive designs in recent years
Jacob did not immediately embark on his passion for architectural design. Growing up in Bedford, he began work at a young age with his father at Bailey’s Supermarket; a family-run business that has been operating for over 25 years. Developing a hard work ethic and establishing relationships in the local community during his time at Bailey’s Supermarket, helped shape Jacob’s early years, and created a strong foundation for his life ahead. He credits these junior years with his father for helping him advance his strong interpersonal skills.

Upon graduating high school, Jacob enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Program at Dalhousie University. After taking a first year architecture elective, Jacob made a conscious decision to pursue the discipline as a professional career. He eventually switched from his third year Major in Neuroscience upon his official acceptance to the School of Architecture at Dalhousie. He would later complete his Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies (BEDS), and his Masters of Architecture (M.Arch) degrees with 2 work-term electives that would take him to Amsterdam and Melbourne.

Jacob’s early professional development in Amsterdam allowed him to fully live and experience urban European culture, which has had a major influence on how his work interfaces with the public realm. His second work term brought him to Melbourne, Australia. This was convenient for him as he had relatives assist him with the initiation to a new and far away country. Jacob fell in love with the ambiance and fascinating infrastructure of city. “Melbourne is by far one of the best urban planned cities that I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve traveled to several major cities across the globe. The city has implemented fundamental design and architectural standards throughout the city centre and have determined what works and what fails in all aspects of what makes a liveable city.” He also went on to indicate that Melbourne one of the most pedestrian friendly cities around with a fantastic international food culture.

After eight months of incredible learning and enjoyment, Jacob had to return to Dal to finish his thesis and Master’s degree. He found this difficult as he was torn with the desire to stay. “The design team I was a part of had just been awarded a $160 million dollar urban revitalization project for Melbourne’s Arts and Cultural Precinct. It would have been an opportunity like no other to extend my workterm, but I decided to return to complete my degree.”

He graduated in 2008, and immediately commenced work with one of his professors at Architetextile @Lab. This collaborative included sound artists, engineers, architects, and textile artists that researched, designed, and built temporary structures such as the Warming Hut for the Emera Oval. After working in Halifax for a year, Jacob felt the desire to gain more experience in a more conventional architectural practice. Despite the economic recession, he decided to relocate to Toronto to seek greater opportunities. After much persistence in search of work during the recession, he was offered a position at Dubbeldam Architecture & Design; a midsized studio that specialized in modern residential, retail and hospitality projects across Ontario. He credits his time with Dubbeldam for developing a true sense of modern design culture in architecture, interiors, and industrial design. “I call those the golden days! It was a phenomenal experience working at a fast growing practice, and I’m very grateful to have been able to manage several national award winning architectural projects.”

After living in Toronto for 5 years, Jacob decided to return home and immediately started freelancing on odd jobs under Reign Architects. He was introduced to Cesar Saleh at WM Fares Group (WMF), where his world would change for the future. Originally, he was providing architectural services as a subcontractor with WMF. As the demand for developments on the peninsula increased over the past 2 years, Reign Architects clientele would reach over 90% through WMFares Group. “It made sense to provide clarity and eventually join forces to form WMFares Architects.” The rest is history…

When asked as to why he chose architecture, Jacob commented, “I have always loved problem solving and being creative. Originally, like most impressionable children of my generation, I wanted to be a cartoonist. I was always drawing and involved in creative arts throughout my youth” He went to say “I now receive this creative outlet through my day to day practice as an architect.”