Member Spotlight: Edwena Kennedy

A short conversation with Edwena Kennedy and you’ll soon understand how energetic, smart and committed she is. Right now she’s successfully wearing many hats; in addition to being a busy mom and entrepreneur, she’s recently taken on an exciting role as District Sales Rep for Capital Food Service. A graduate of MSVU’s Nutrition and Dietetics program, Edwena was driven to start her own consulting practice to support mothers in providing good nutrition to nurture themselves and their families. Edwena enjoys working closely with women from pre-conception, and beyond, providing strategies to work within busy family life to eat healthy overall. Edwena also offers guidance in specific areas relating to allergies and intolerances; gives counsel and support in cases where families are struggling with a baby who is failing to grow; where kids are underweight or overweight; and offers solutions for picky eaters to keep moms from becoming short order cooks for their growing family.

When asked what the benefits are for her clients Edwena tells us, “For mothers I fulfill a support role. Many of my clients are overwhelmed, stressed, fearful of their new role and the things they’re going through. It gets very confusing for moms. I’m here to educate and support and take you through the life cycle, stage by stage.” Because she works directly with mothers, her services benefit the entire family, “I might be counselling one person, but I have helped entire family by reducing stress at mealtimes, assisting in organized meal planning, developing more adventurous eaters, and healthier habits. In many cased I help save families money by encouraging something as simple as sticking to grocery lists, and knowing where and when to shop for certain foods. I even help them get the best sales and to create menus around ingredients.”

Just as committed to her day job, Edwena enjoys the challenge of working with an established company who are branching out into a new service area. “Capital Food Service is an extension of Capital Paper who are well known for their integrity and customer service. On the food service side we are committed to living up to that reputation and providing the best service possible. I work with restaurants, pubs, health care facilities, daycares and so on, to find them the best products, quality, and pricing for whatever they need.”

Edwena believes in order to reach her goals it’s important to continuously develop her skills and her network. “I joined The Lebanese Chamber of Commerce after I heard about a marketing workshop that was put on. Education and network opportunities are important to me, and the seminars and training opportunities are big. The Chamber is a great support for anyone looking to excel professionally.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Edwena’s private practice you can reach out to her via her website at If you’d like to find out more about the services provided through Capital Foods, contact her at or at 902-802-1846. In both cases she suggests a quick 15 minute chat to allow her to understand your needs and how she can help you.