Honourary Member Presentation

The room was filled with an impressive group of first generation Lebanese success stories, along with many colleagues and friends, on September 9th, 2015 at the Paul O’Regan Hall in the new Halifax library. All were present to celebrate a very momentous occasion – the original members of the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce were honoured by their contemporaries for their contribution and dedication to the original start-up of the Chamber movement.

Each recipient was inducted as an Honourary Member and received a special plaque.

Those honoured were:

Bassam Nahas Orig. President
Assad Chedrawe Orig Vice President
Francis Fares Orig. Treasurer
Anthony Metlej Orig. Secretary
Joe Ramia
Danny Chedrawe
Andrew Metlege
Abraham Salloum
Besim Halef
George Tannous
George Chater
Youssef Faddoul
Ghassan Haddad
Mick Ryan
Stephen Dempsey
Vrege Armoyan
Fred George
Mounir Haddad

During this event, President Norman Nahas, also briefed the audience with the exciting programs and actions that have taken place over the past year as well as those coming very soon, including the newly branded Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and its website, a skills building workshop series, the scholarship program and a new business directory.

Bassam Nahas, the original Chamber President, gave a moving speech on the involvement and success of the Lebanese community that has taken place over the years with the efforts of the Chamber.